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In the morning circle, we sang the Hello Song, and then we broke into small groups so we could play a conversation game.

We practiced saying "good morning" and "how are you" while rolling a ball between two people to help the kids understand that they should return the question (like the ball) to have a good conversation. Even the Toddlers enjoyed playing "How are you? ball".

From this week, we have been breaking up into small groups for many activities. Our small group names are STARS, MOONS, ROCKETS, and GALAXIES.

In small group time #1 (after milk/snack) the STARS had Japanese story and fingerplay time with Mrs. Matsui. The MOONS read "HELLO SNOW" and played ABC Games with Miss Carol, while the ROCKETS played ABC Karuta and GO FISH with Miss Lynette. The GALAXIES read "The Mitten" with Jeana and learned about OPPOSITES like (full / empty), (tight / loose), (crowded / not crowded), (cold / hot). We played an opposites guessing game - and the children got ALL the opposites without any trouble at all.

In small group time #2 (11 to 11:30), the STARS had a story (Brown Bear) and sang songs with Miss Becky, while the MOONS and ROCKETS had JAPANESE and MANNERS class with Miss Yuko and Jeana. We sang ONI NO PANTSU and CABIN IN THE WOODS (Japanese), and then we talked about how to behave during class. Miss Kimie had MANNERS class with the GALAXIES and talked about being PATIENT and TAKING TURNS, and how to behave during class.

After lunch, Miss Tomoko and Jeana talked to the kids about how to properly maintain their cubicles and backpacks. We had an "inspection" and the Toddlers were, by far, the best! Good for you Toddlers! We will keep working on this skill all year.

Then the STARS and MOONS and ROCKETS got together for some fun. They played tumbling and jumping and sang songs with Miss Becky and Miss Carol, while the GALAXIES played short vowel BINGO with Miss Jeana. Before closing circle we all got together and played MUSICAL CHAIRS and did the CHICKEN DANCE and BUNNY HOP.

The closing story was "See You Later Alligator."
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Today we had morning circle with the whole group including Toddler 1s. And we sang THUMPKIN and Jingle Bells (for the last time) with the rhythm sticks and hand bells, and we learned a NEW SONG called "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".

The kids enjoyed running and screaming when they found the bear in the cave (but the little kids were kind of scared by all the screaming.)

In small group, Miss Becky has been teaching about animals in the Toddler 1's and doing Brown Bear in story time.

Jeana read "SNOW" to the Romper 2's and Kinders, and Ms Carol read "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" with the Romper 1's and Toddler 2's.

We also took turns drawing a BIG face on paper and then painting the face with pink and red and other primary colors to create a kind of "japanese" style portrait to decorate our classroom.

The kids all enjoyed painting and had a lot of fun. (Toddler 1's painted on Friday with Tomoko and Becky on the new easel that Mr. Satoshi made for our classroom.)

We hoped to go outside to play, but it was bitter cold and icy, so we played inside instead with balloons after lunch. It was a fun day!
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Today was our first day back to school after winter vacation.

Over winter vacation the Yamamotos reorganized the classrooms and teaching areas, so it was very exciting for the kids (and teachers).

We let the kids play longer than usual in the morning before circle time, after milk, and after lunch, since there were so many new and exciting toys to play with.

We wanted to give the kids time to explore the new areas and toys. The teachers also had to get used to the new floor plan and decide how we are going to use the space in the most effective way possible.

In any case, at morning circle we sang some of our Christmas songs to review what we had learned last month. The kids enjoyed singing "MUST BE SANTA" and "12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS" again.

We also sang "Where is Thumpkin?" and learned a new version where two children stand up and sing the song to eachother. Then we had a tour of the new floor plan and a discussion about the proper use of the toys and materials.

We reviewed the rules of behavior in the classroom, and shared notes about what we did during winter vacation. Then the Toddlers and Romper 1's went outside to play, while the Romper 2's and Kinders played a "Dress the Snowman Game".

In the afternoon, the Toddlers and Romper 1's had chance to play the snowman game, while the Kinders and Romper 2's went outside.

And finally the Romper 2's and Kinders also had a group write/think about Winter - we thought of winter words and spelled them out together on the board, and then did a winter words wordsearch and worksheet (and learned the rule about /r/ at th end of a word is spelled "-er".

Stories today were "HELLO SNOW" and "WINTER FUN" (Jeana original big book)
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Since the next day was the Open School Day, we used our morning circle to practice for the mini-concert. The children all sat in chairs and took turns coming up "on stage" and performing their pieces.

After Snack/Milk Lynette and the Kinders played with the plastic Nativity set I brought in while I practiced more with Carol and the Toddlers.

Since so many of the songs we sing at Christmas talk about Mary and the Baby Jesus, we thought the children should know more about the story.

We also made goodbye cards for Julian.

After lunch, the Rompers got to play with the set while I made masks with the Kinders for their Friendly Beasts song/presentation. And then we got together again from 1 pm to have another rehearsal for the show tomorrow.

The closing story was the Gingerbread Man. The kids enjoyed reminiscing about the play they did last year for the Winter concert. They remembered many of their lines - especially N.S. and R.I.
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Today in morning circle we sang "Must Be Santa", "Jingle Bells", "Bells are Ringing", and "Reindeer are Tapping", "Let's Clap Hands" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" in the morning circle.

Next week is the big concert so we have been practicing our songs in large group and in small groups as well.

The kids really enjoy singing the Christmas songs together and dancing around. We also began teaching the actions to 12 Days of Christmas - the kids really enjoy doing the actions to the song.

Then we did S worksheets - the kids created snowflakes out of popsicle sticks and glued on glitter and/or small cut out shapes to make pretty snowflakes for the letter S.

The Kinders got together and practiced for the Friendly Beasts. They enjoyed reading the new book on the Nativity that came from Amazon yesterday. The book was a good addition as it tells the same story as the song - although I didn't know that when I ordered it.

In the afternoon, Jeana practiced with the Rompers, while Lynette and Carol did an activity with the Toddlers, and Yuko practiced handbells with the Kinders.

In closing circle, Jeana read another version of Stone Soup. The children enjoyed this story of a tricky chicken and silly fox more than the traditional stone soup version.
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Today was Thanksgiving Day, so while Jeana and the other staff cooked up a turkey and all the trimmings in the morning, Tim and Lynette and the kids watched a video of "The Grinch Whole Stole Christmas" in the Toddlers room.

(Shoei.S. was very perplexed about why the Grinch suddenly decided to take everything back to town.)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner of roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a desert of apple sauce and ice cream. The Kinders made the apple sauce on Tuesday in cooking class.

It was Julian's day off, but he came and joined us for lunch.

The tables were decorated with the turkey placemats that the kids created in craft class yesterday. They looked great.

And in the afternoon, we recycled the turkeys by cutting them out and using them as our T craft for the T worksheet page.

After lunch, Carol and Tim played games with the Toddlers, while Lynette read the Stella Luna book to the Rompers in conclusion of the unit we did on Bats.

And Jeana did a draw and write with the Kinders on "I'm Thankful for..."

At about 1:30 we all got back together for a goodbye for Tim in the main room. The kids gave him their cards and some flowers and he read a couple of stories and then said a few words. Everyone was sad to say goodbye.
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b0137410_0264814.jpgWe had a great day today.

K.U. was our meeting manager this morning and surprised us all when he could read all the names of the other Helpers today without any help at all.

B.J. did a great job as the Weather Helper today, too. After morning circle, the Rompers and Kinders had Show and Tell. W.D. and K.F. showed us their special treasures. They did a great job.

After milk and recess, at Table #1 the Rompers made 7-5-3 Candy with Ms. Jeana while the Kinders had a Science Class with Ms. Lynette about "Bats".

Kinders learned about "Echolocation" today and played an echolocation game. They also did a Venn Diagram comparing Bats and Birds.

During Table #2, the Kinders made candy while the Rompers went out to play on the playground. And after lunch, the Kinders got to go outside while the Rompers had science with Ms. Lynette.

Both groups did a great job making candy. They were patient and waited turns very well today.

And they did a good job rolling out the dough to make the special candy. Thanks, Ms. Kimie, for the yummy recipe.

For those of you who want to try it at home

Mix together in a bowl:
4 Tablespoons of Pd. Sugar
4 Tablespoons of Creamy Powder
2 Tablespoons of Condensed Milk

Mix with a spoon til thick and crumbly, then mix it with your hands til it is like clay. Then roll it out into sticks. Add more creamy powder if it is too sticky.
Leave to dry overnight. You can also add 2 teaspoons of chocolate milk mix (or cocoa) if you want to make chocolate flavor.

The kids have been enjoying singing the "Five Green and Speckled Frogs" song that Ms. Lynette brought into school. And we have been trying to learn "Sammy's Song".

We are also singing *The Leaves on the Trees* (same tune as "Wheels on the Bus")

1. The leaves on the trees are yellow and brown.
2. The leaves on the trees are falling down.
3. The leaves on the trees make a crunching sound.
4. Rake all the leaves into a mound.
5. The children of the town jump up and down.

They also enjoyed picking leaves this week. Tomorrow we are going to make leaf rubbings. Last week we played in the leaves (and made a terrible mess) but it was fun. We hope we have time to do it again this week.

And Ms. Jeana has been sharing her Halloween Candy Corn and Pumpkins with the kids at closing circle time. Most of them liked it. It is traditional in the US at Halloween and Thanksgiving.

For stories this week, we read: KIDS, The Mixed up Chameleon, Sammy's Song, Alexander and the Dragon, and the Emperor's New Clothes.
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b0137410_012469.jpgWe went to pick sweet potatoes in Mogi.

We had a short morning song time, then drank our milk and packed into the bus. The kids were very well behaved and we picked LOTS and LOTS of potatoes.

We also saw frogs and praying mantis, and LOTS of other bugs and spiders. We got back rather late, so lunch wasn't till 12:15, so we let them eat and play till 1 pm.

After lunch, the Rompers and Kinders (and some Toddlers) watched "Wheels on the Bus", "Dem Bones", and "I Want a Dog".

They really like to sing the "I WANT a DOG" song.

Then we made some french fries and jelly/ice deserts for the shopping day, as well as got our library books ready to go home. Before we went home, we watched.

Finally, the Rompers and Kinders watched a computer presentation of the Five Speckled Frogs. They really like this song for some reason.
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b0137410_0133554.jpgThe Kinders had hiragana class while the Rompers and Toddlers had morning circle.

The Rompers and Toddlers enjoyed singing *Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck* and *Row Your Boat* and *Knickerbocker*. We are also learning a new song *The Leaves in the Trees* and *There Are Seven Days*.

After play time, we finished our November calendars - writing numbers from 1 to 30, and then we drew a picture of what was the funnest thing about the Halloween Party.

The kids drew some great pictures, and Ms. Lynette and Ms. Kimie translated.

Which reminds me, on Wenesday in morning meeting when we were talking with the Rompers and Kinders about the Halloween party - the Kinders actually made the funniest joke IN ENGLISH.

I asked if they had received LOTS of candy, and someone said "Yes, 100", so another kid piped in "150" and another kids piped up "200", and so on... "1000" and "10,000" even "a million", at which point one of the Kinders piped up *A W......* making fun of her friend W.D.'s name.

I said *Good joke* and we all laughed. Then someone popped up with *A Julian* (making the connection to the name of another teacher). Very good jokes, don't you think? These kids AMAZE me with their comprehension of our raw English at regular speed, but also because they can make JOKES IN ENGLISH! How cool is that?

After calendar it was time for lunch, so we ate, then we finished early so we could work on shopping day crafts. We made two kinds of *Spaghetti* and also a LOT of clay beads that we will use for necklaces later.

Before we went home, we went out on the playground for 30 minutes. The boys played soccer, while some younger kids played with balls or hula hoops. And we all played Boy, Girl, Bear just before we went home. (like Duck, Duck, Goose). The kids really enjoyed it.
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b0137410_23573014.jpgThe kids were pretty excited today, as it was the day before the BIG Halloween Party.

This morning in circle we sang "Fly Little Bat", and "Spooky Loo", and did "the Five Little Ghosts" finger play.

Then we listened to a Halloween Story - "Big Pumpkin" - and practiced our choral reading of the story. The kids enjoy acting out the various characters in the story, and pretending to eat the pumpkin pie at the end of the story.

After morning circle, the Rompers and Kinders worked on their Trick or Treat baskets while the Toddlers went outside for a walk.

While we were making the baskets, we also shook a container of cream to make butter. We ate the butter at lunch on crackers - it was creamy and delicious!

Some of the kids also finished writing their sentence strips from the Zoo Field Trip report, or worked on their Fly Little Bat Books. And some of the kids worked on a Spooky Halloween Painting - they used white crayon and other colors on white paper, and then washed over the crayon with black paint and watched the ghosts and skeletons mysteriously appear on the page! They made some really beautiful pictures to decorate the walls for the party.

After lunch, we tidied up the classroom and our cubbies before the party. We had many, many papers and projects to take home, as well as library books, so we got organized and then we had a story "NO DAVID!" and "HALLOWEEN PIE"!
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