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b0137410_1227577.jpg朝の歌の時間、全員で "Peanut Butter and Jelly" や "The Green Grass Grows" を歌いました。これらの歌は、みんな口ずさみながら振り付きで楽しく歌えるようになりました。

その後、それぞれの活動に分かれ、トドラーさんはお話 "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" を見ました。何度かお話を見るうちに、みんな次に出てくる食べ物の名前を覚え、元気に答えています。

ティム先生がわざと、Orange を Banana と言うと、M.S.ちゃんが "No!! Orange." と訂正してくれました。 Lollipop をペロペロ、Chocolate cake をムシャムシャ食べる真似をしてみんな喜んでいました。

たくさん食べて丸々と太った Caterpillar が、最後に葉っぱを食べるとき、先生が "Is it yummy?" とみんなに聞くと、一斉に "Yummy!!" という答えが返ってきました。


ランチタイム。R.O.ちゃんとA.M.ちゃんがヘルパーになり、"Hands together. One, Two, Three, いただきます。" と元気に挨拶。二人とも "Good job!!"


今日ははらぺこトドラーさん達が、"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" のお話を楽しんだ一日でした。
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b0137410_12261713.jpg今日は、ロンパー・キンダーさんが待ちに待った消防署見学にLet's go!!







"Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck" の歌を歌いました。


「Hurry Hurry」と歌いながらお部屋の中を Drive!!

曲が終わると、「Once more!!」と、M.S.ちゃんとA.S.ちゃん。


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b0137410_1225794.jpgIn song-time the kids really enjoyed the songs "The Green Grass Grows All Around" and loved the song "Hurry, Hurry, drive the firetruck" because they could pretend to be a firetruck.

In the morning routine the Toddlers enjoyed the story "I like it when..." and then the song "Simon says clap your hands".

Red is one of the themes for the month and I had the Toddlers ask for a Red key, "Red key please" and then they had to ask for two Red keys, then three Red keys.

Later we had the story "The very Hungry Caterpillar" and I asked them to "Point to the icecream", etc... . The older Toddlers were very good in this activity, for example; A.M. and H.W. could identify most of the vocabulary in the book.

After lunch the kids continued with colouring in the "Hungry Caterpillar" book and then some of them tried to shape the letter "F".

After this all of the kids enjoyed a story about firefighting called the "Firestation".
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5月のお誕生会: May 23, 2008




3人そろって3歳です。みんなに "How old are you?" と尋ねると、小さなかわいい指を3本出して教えてくれました。"Happy Birthday!!"


午後、トドラーさんは "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" を制作。


H.W.ちゃんは、最後に Catrepillar の顔(目、鼻、口)を上手に描いてティム先生に見せ、"Good job, H!" と褒められてちょっぴり誇らしげな表情。



今日は3歳のバースデーをお祝いし、かわいい Caterpillar を制作した一日でした。
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b0137410_1221748.jpgWe started out the circle time by watching a DVD of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

The kids enjoyed singing with the DVD and seeing the whole story (because our board book only tells the first part).

The kids liked the part where the mommies and pappas came and picked up the children. They enjoyed seeing all the boo-boos (ouches) that the baby letters got when they fell out of the coconut tree.

After that we sang and danced. We learned a new song, "Green Grass Grows All Around", and we did a couple of circle songs like Looby Loo (kids are still not great at doing circle songs).

Then we did a little A-B-C-D Yoga. The kids enjoyed acting like alligators, and butterflies, and crocodiles, and driving their cars.

Then it was snack time.

After snack, the Rompers did their letter E worksheets. Yuko came up with this cute cracked egg with clear wrap for the egg white! Everyone did a good job writing their names and writing the letter "E".

The Kinders read books and worked on a maze while the Rompers were doing their craft, while Tim and the Toddlers played with the Hungry Caterpillar magnet story.

Before lunch, Tim took the Rompers out for PE while I and the Kinders sang some songs and read to the Toddlers.

And after lunch, Jeana did Language Arts with Kinders, while Rompers read stories or did some free art/drawing time.

(Miss Lynette was out today with a sick child. We hope A feels better soon.)

In closing circle, we sang the song of the Hungry Caterpillar and read the story of the "First Strawberries".
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b0137410_2341830.jpg今日のトドラーさんは "This bus song" の歌をうたいました。


"Where do you want to go?" のティム先生の質問に "Strawberry Park!!!" と、元気よく答えた、R.O.ちゃんとH.W.ちゃん。


その後はみんなが大好きな歌 "Skidamalink" を元気に歌うことが出来ました。

今日は Red にちなんだストーリーや遊びをしました。


"What color?" の質問に "Red!!" と大きな声で答えたS.A.君。

それからお部屋で Red 探し。

Y.K.ちゃんの洋服に Red car がプリントされてあり、それを見つけたM.S.ちゃんが

"Look!!" と指差しながら、ティム先生に教えていました。

今日は Red 一色のトドラーさん。

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b0137410_23404088.jpgToday the kids enjoyed the song "I have a joy" in song-time, which they love a lot.

In Toddler time we sang some extra songs like "Eentsy Weency spider".

They then sat down and enjoyed the story "Wheres Spot?"

Later after snack time we had the "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story" which we have been doing on the whiteboard, and they are really curious about the story and what happens to the Caterpillar.

We also did "E" vocabulary, Egg, Elevator, Exit, and Elephant, and after lunch we started a "Hungry Caterpillar " colouring book and the Toddlers just love a chance to colour!
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みんなが集まり、サークルタイム。先生達と "Head Shoulders" や "I have a joy" など、歌を歌いました。



A.M.ちゃんに "How many did you eat?" と尋ねると、にこにこしながら手をパーにして教えてくれました。5つ(?)食べたのかな?





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本日より、ともこ先生、初登場!! よろしくお願いします。


新しい歌 "peanut butter and jelly" もだいぶ覚え、ティム先生の真似をして踊っている姿はとてもかわいらしいです。

今日は "Find a peanut" の game をしました。

小さな peanut をティム先生がお部屋に隠すgame で、隠してる間子供たちは twenty まで数えて待っています。

その後 "Are you ready?" と声をかけ、いっせいに peanuts 探し。

そのときの子供のたちはとても生き生きして、見つけるとティム先生に喜んで見せていました。みんな沢山の peanuts を見つけられてとても満足そうでした。

そして story time は、"Hungry Caterpillar" のパネルシアター。小さな腹ペコあおむしが色々な果物を食べる有名なお話です。

"How many ?" の質問に、元気よく数を数えるM.S.ちゃん。

"What this?" の質問に、"strawberry!!" と元気に答えるR.O.ちゃん。

すると、H.W.ちゃんが、「Friday には strawberry 沢山食べるんだよね」と、嬉しそうに話していました。


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b0137410_9383734.jpgToday in song time, the kids enjoyed the song "I have a joy" and "Now Tall, Now Small".

Then in Toddler time the kids enjoyed more songs like "Sally the Camel" and the "Peanut Butter" song by Barney and also I asked them "Hows the weather?".

The Toddlers then studied "D" vocabulary and also "Fruits" vocabulary and then had a story called "Scoop" from the Bob the Builder series of books.

We went outside and attempted to do a short obstacle course and then had a running race. H.W. was the fastest runner in the race.

Later in craft time the kids continued with the shaping of the alphabet letters from soft clay. R.O. and A.M. did a great job of following instructions from the teacher.

Todays home time story was the "Lunchbox surprise".
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