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b0137410_0133554.jpgThe Kinders had hiragana class while the Rompers and Toddlers had morning circle.

The Rompers and Toddlers enjoyed singing *Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck* and *Row Your Boat* and *Knickerbocker*. We are also learning a new song *The Leaves in the Trees* and *There Are Seven Days*.

After play time, we finished our November calendars - writing numbers from 1 to 30, and then we drew a picture of what was the funnest thing about the Halloween Party.

The kids drew some great pictures, and Ms. Lynette and Ms. Kimie translated.

Which reminds me, on Wenesday in morning meeting when we were talking with the Rompers and Kinders about the Halloween party - the Kinders actually made the funniest joke IN ENGLISH.

I asked if they had received LOTS of candy, and someone said "Yes, 100", so another kid piped in "150" and another kids piped up "200", and so on... "1000" and "10,000" even "a million", at which point one of the Kinders piped up *A W......* making fun of her friend W.D.'s name.

I said *Good joke* and we all laughed. Then someone popped up with *A Julian* (making the connection to the name of another teacher). Very good jokes, don't you think? These kids AMAZE me with their comprehension of our raw English at regular speed, but also because they can make JOKES IN ENGLISH! How cool is that?

After calendar it was time for lunch, so we ate, then we finished early so we could work on shopping day crafts. We made two kinds of *Spaghetti* and also a LOT of clay beads that we will use for necklaces later.

Before we went home, we went out on the playground for 30 minutes. The boys played soccer, while some younger kids played with balls or hula hoops. And we all played Boy, Girl, Bear just before we went home. (like Duck, Duck, Goose). The kids really enjoyed it.
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いも煮会: November 4, 2008













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b0137410_022154.jpg今日は待ちに待った Halloween 。昨日から子供たちの間では、何に仮装するか、その話題で持ちきりでした。


"Good morning!!" と、次々と登園してくる子供たち。プリンセスや海賊、魔女やドラキュラ・・・。みんなそれぞれ工夫がしてあり、おうちの方のアイディアも色々ありとても素晴らしかったです。子供たちもとても似合っていて本当に可愛らしかったです。

さて、みんなが勢ぞろいし、いよいよハロウィンの始まりです。Song time では、10月の歌でもある "Halloween is almoat here " を歌いました。いつも歌っているだけあってみんな大きな声で歌うことができました。





あちらこちらから "yummy!!" の声が。あっという間に魔女のスープはなくなってしまいました。パンプキンパイも甘くとてもおいしくいただいていたようです。

その後はゲームをしたり、Jack-'o-lantern にキャンドルを灯して吹き消したり、ティム先生がFrakenstein のマスクを被って登場したりと盛りだくさんの内容でした。

そして最後は Trick-or-Treating 。今年も5箇所のお店を役30分かけて回りました。

今回は2班に分かれて行いましたが、それでも仮装して列になると結構な長さです。なかなか日本では仮装して歩くことはないと思うので、とても貴重で楽しいことだと思います。子供たちも堂々と "Trick or Treat!!" と言ってお菓子をもらう事ができました。今回言えなかった小さなトドラー1のお子さんも来年にはきっと言えてることでしょう。


来年は是非おうちの方も仮装していただき、より一層にぎやかに "Trick or Treat" が出来るといいですね。

来年の Halloween も今から楽しみです。
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b0137410_23573014.jpgThe kids were pretty excited today, as it was the day before the BIG Halloween Party.

This morning in circle we sang "Fly Little Bat", and "Spooky Loo", and did "the Five Little Ghosts" finger play.

Then we listened to a Halloween Story - "Big Pumpkin" - and practiced our choral reading of the story. The kids enjoy acting out the various characters in the story, and pretending to eat the pumpkin pie at the end of the story.

After morning circle, the Rompers and Kinders worked on their Trick or Treat baskets while the Toddlers went outside for a walk.

While we were making the baskets, we also shook a container of cream to make butter. We ate the butter at lunch on crackers - it was creamy and delicious!

Some of the kids also finished writing their sentence strips from the Zoo Field Trip report, or worked on their Fly Little Bat Books. And some of the kids worked on a Spooky Halloween Painting - they used white crayon and other colors on white paper, and then washed over the crayon with black paint and watched the ghosts and skeletons mysteriously appear on the page! They made some really beautiful pictures to decorate the walls for the party.

After lunch, we tidied up the classroom and our cubbies before the party. We had many, many papers and projects to take home, as well as library books, so we got organized and then we had a story "NO DAVID!" and "HALLOWEEN PIE"!
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こうして工場見学が終わりスクールに戻ると、午後はみんなで工場で見てきたものを振り返りながら、"Farm-Factory-Food" のぬり絵に取り組みました。

牛から牛乳が作られ、牛乳から Yogurt, Cheese, Ice cream.... などいろいろな乳製品が作られます。日頃私達が口にしている食べ物にはたくさん牛乳から作られる食べ物があるということを、子ども達も認識することができたことと思います。

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Today in the morning circle the toddlers started with the hello song, and then sang the weather song and then we had a story called "Five little ghosts".

Next was songtime and we sang "Jack O Lantern" and "Fly little bats".

After snacktime the toddlers went outside and they played with the balls and the jump ropes.

After this we did some more songs like "The witch rides her broom" and "Spooky Loo".

Then it was lunchtime and after lunch the Toddlers did some puzzles and some other toddlers played with the alphabet blocks.

I read a story just before home time which was called "This pig went to market".
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b0137410_23463568.jpgハロウィーンまであと1週間。歌の時間はみんなでハロウィンソングを楽しみました。"Halloween isAlmost Here" を歌ったり、"Fly little bats" では bat や cat 、ghost になったりしながら踊りました。

b0137410_23464863.jpg今日の Show&Tell はR.I.くん。Favorite Toy のポケモンのステッカーを紹介してくれました。ジーナ先生が "Where did you get?" と質問すると、"At the Fukushi no mori festival" と答えていました。

b0137410_2347187.jpgそこで今度は先生が子ども達に "Do you have any questions?" と言うと、S.S.ちゃんが手を上げ、"Why do you like?" と質問。すると、R.I.くんが "Because cool. I like pokemon." と返答。そして、S.S.ちゃん、もう一つ "How many pokemon stickers do you have?" と質問し、"About 19" とR.I.くんが教えてくれました。

b0137410_23471098.jpgShow&Tell では、みんなお友達のおもちゃに興味津々。回を重ねるうちに、だんだんと積極的に質問するようになり、Q&A を楽しんでいます。ですから、みんな自分の Show&Tell の番が来るのが楽しみのようです。


双子のN.Y.ちゃん、K.Y.ちゃんは3歳になり、二人とも最近ますます言葉数が増え、お話して答えたり、教えてくれたりするようになりました。毎朝、元気に "Good morning!" と声をかけてくれる二人です。

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b0137410_23373918.jpgWe took turns acting out the "Five Little Ghosts" fingerplay this morning in circle time. And then we sang "Spooky Loo", and sang "Halloween is Almost Here".

Then we had morning meeting. Y.S. was our morning meeting manager today, and he did a fine job. The kids have gotten better about sitting and listening to their friends and taking turns speaking (but they could still do better, I think). Then U.Y. did the weather. According to U.Y., tomorrow it is going to rain *Spiders*! Yuck!

By the way, the Kinders began a new chapter book this week. Now we are reading "Hare, Tokidoki Buta!" Do you know this book? It is a very popular children's book in the US. In English it is called *Today is Pig Day*. The kids are very interested in finding out what will happen next in the story.

We read a few chapters on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays only, and so far they seem to enjoy this book as much as they enjoyed "Professor Poopy Pants". Y's purchased a copy of the book in Japanese for our library.

Unfortunately, the book is out of print in English, so we had to borrow one from the Miharu Library. The story about the magical shrine bulletin board is very interesting to the kids, I think. We will be visiting a shrine and temple next month, to learn some of the vocabulary about these two major symbols of Japan in English. I hope the kids will enjoy the book and learn more about Japan, too.

After the meeting, H.K. had Show and Tell. He showed us his remote controlled racing car, and a Lego car he had built. They were both very cool. Since everyone wanted to have a chance to drive, after milk time, we broke into 3 groups and took turns A) Writing birthday cards for the birthday party tomorrow OR B) watching the "Wheels on the Bus" and "Dem Bones" story/song video OR C) driving the remote control car.

The kids rotated through all three centers in 20 minute rotations, so everyone had time to do everything. While we worked, we sang Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Willaby Wallaby Woo, Have you been to...?

At table time, the Toddler 2's did a spider craft with Tim and Carol, while the Toddlers 1's had a short free play time and then a story from the Japanese staff.

After lunch, we played freely for about 30 minutes, then we got together and played *Whale, Whale, Shark* before we went to the tables to do our Letter P Craft Worksheets. We Colored a pumpkin and make a jack o lantern face.

After that, we had a SCAREY*Dark Woods story and talked about the schedule for field trips next week before we packed up to go home.
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b0137410_23294731.jpgToday we went to Kaizezan Park with all groups.

Toddlers spent most of the time in the slides and the sand pit! I was surprised that they were not afraid to ride on their own.

Rompers and Kinders played most of the time un the jungle gym, the tall slide, the swings and some of them just kept running and running!

They had a wounderful time. When I said "It's time to go!", everyone replied "No! not yet!" jajaj.

In the afternoon we played what's the time Mr. Wolf.
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お外に行くと、"RED ball, Please!" とN.I.くん。それに続いてS.S.ちゃんも続きます。




お部屋に残った、R.O.ちゃん、A.M.ちゃん、Y.K.ちゃん、A.S.ちゃん、H.W.ちゃんは、ティム先生と "P" のクラスです。

Penguin / Pig / Popcorn / Pineapple のカードがテーブルに並べてあります。

ティム先生が Where is pig? と質問し、言われたカードを指差します。一人ひとり順番にやったのですが、みんな恥ずかしがることなく、自信を持ってすることができました。






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