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b0137410_1474483.jpgThis morning started off with some songs, for example, "I love you" and "Reach for the sky".

Then it was onto the morning routine and then the toddlers did some more songs like " The Rainbow song" and "Who is wearing green today?" and then had a story called "The Zoo story".

The toddlers then enjoyed some milk and crackers and then it was onto Learning the alphabet and looking at some alphabet flashcards and then they played with the foam alphabet letters to see if they could find the corresponding shape for the letter to fit in.

N.I. was fascinated by this task and did a great job completing it!

After this the toddlers went outside and did some stretches and played with the balls until it was lunchtime.

Next the kids enjoyed some freeplay time and then played with the plastic fruit to try and learn some of the vocabulary in English.

They then had a story called "No Hitting" before packing up and enjoyed an Easter jokes book that was read to them.
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YPK Easter!!: April 11, 2008





今日のロンパー&キンダーさんはEaster egg制作。(Dacorating eggs)
それぞれEggに好きな絵を描いて食紅で色をつけました。Yellow, Red, Blue.......きれいなEggが出来上がり!!今日家に持ち帰りました。

トドラーさんはBowling game。Easter bunnyのピンを倒して楽しみました。

その後みんなでBunny hopping。Bunnyの耳をつけて風船を両足に挟んでジャンプし、2人ずつ競争しました。


午後は4月のカレンダー制作。昨日絵の具で色を塗ったEaster eggsとBasketを貼って作りました。

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b0137410_253481.jpgThe kids are getting accustomed to the new routine and new arrangement of the space, and the big kids (Rompers and Kinders) were a great help today with all the Toddlers at Opening Circle Time.

We did the "Peel Bananas" rhyme and introduced some of the new Toddlers and Rompers to the class, so that everyone would know their names.

Then we enjoyed playing "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" in small circles. The big kids were so kind and careful to the little kids, and Tim and I were very proud of them.

In Toddler circle, Yuko and Tim did some Japanese and English fingerplays.

In Rompers and Kinders circle, we played a magnet board game of "Easter, What do you see?", and then played "What's missing?".

The class must have been fun, because when I asked K.U. to come back to "class", U.Y. said, "this isn't a class, it's a game!" And when I told him that the game was our class, he looked amazed!

We also had the returning students explain to the new student the rules for GROUP time:

During group time, we
a) listen to the teacher,
b) raise our hand to talk,
C) take turns,
and d) don't run around the room.

New students mean more chaos, but the whole group is handling the situation well and helping the new kids understand our daily routines and how we move from class to class. They are doing such a great job!

After circle the Rompers and Kinders looked at books and/or played alphabet games in turns.

Then we watched 15 minutes of Barney at the Beach while the teachers set up for a craft.

b0137410_285513.jpgThe kids enjoyed painting for Easter eggs - mixing the paints and watching the colors run together, blowing on the paints or holding the papers so the paints run together, etc.

Tomorrow we will weave paper baskets and use the eggs and basket for our April calendars.

The Toddlers got to color a big Easter Egg.

After craft time, we had more free play time. Since it was raining, we couldn't go outside, but we did some tumbling instead.

The kids were VERY impressed to discover that K.H. can do a cartwheel and N.S. is determined to learn how to do one.

A.S., R.I., U.Y., H.K., K.F., T.S., Y.S., B.J., S.S., N.S., and H.W. all tried to "stand on their heads" against the wall. The girls decided they need to do push-ups everyday so that they can build stronger arms for head-stands and cartwheels.

After lunch some of the kids played "Egg Hunt" with Tim, while some of the kids read stories in the Toddler area with Jeana. It was a great day.
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第4回入園式: April 8, 2007








YPK スタッフ一同
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