Have you been to the zoo, zoo, zoo?: October 16, 2008


This morning we sang "Going to the Zoo" with an emphasis on the LAST VERSE - "We've been to the zoo".

And Jeana turned the song into a quiz game by changing the words to .... "Have you been to the zoo, zoo, zoo? (2x)" following by the kids answering "Yes, I have, have, have." or "No, I haven't, haven't, haven't."

And we did variations like "Have you been to Tokyo, Iwaki, the Big-I, Aizu, Tokyo, Disneyland, Paris, America, Australia, and the Moon."

After milk time, the Rompers and Kinders did their Letter "O" Craft and Worksheets.

The Kinders also started on their ZOO reports by drawing themselves at the ZOO (we visited the Sendai Zoo last Friday).

After table time, the Rompers and Kinders played outside on the playground. The boys played soccer and the girls and I jumped rope and played with the hula hoops. With some of the Romper boys, we made a course out of the hula hoops and jumped thru the hoops on one foot, two feet, double jumps, etc... in turns. It was a beautiful and fun to play outside.

After lunch, some of the kids made clay lollipops and wrapped clay candies in colored film for our Shopping Day program in November.

We are making two or three items a week for our Shopping Day. The kids enjoyed playing with the clay and rolling snakes (although they really need more practice with clay), and they enjoyed the fun of making fake candies out of acorns and clay. The colored film papers were very colorful and pretty.

Finally, the Rompers and Kinders all had table time to draw a picture of themselves at the zoo. Jeana and Lynette took turns helping the kids label the pictures, and we added a sentence strip at the bottom. *I have been to the zoo. I like the........*

At closing circle, we played *What's the Time Mr. Wolf?" and *Whale, Whale, Shark" and then we had a Zoo Report from T.E. and two closing stories. "Where does your food go?" and "Too Much Junk Food".
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