Welcome two new kids!: October 6, 2008


Today we welcomed two new kids to the school both of whom are from America.

Their names are W.D. and A.D. and the other kids seemed very happy to have them here.

We started off with "Everybody Jump" and "The Monkey Dance".

Next in Toddler time the Toddlers sang "Head and Shoulders" and had a story called "I can share".

After snack time the Toddlers looked at the letter for the week which was "O" and after they had a story called "The father who had Ten children".

After this they played with the shapes and the keys and then had some time with Jeana.

After lunch the kids tried to play "The farmer in the dell and some other circle songs like "Ring around the rosy" and "Make a circle".

They then played with the Playdough and afterwards they had a story in both english and japanese called "Everybody comes to the apple tree".
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-10-06 23:37 | YPK