Upper case letter recognition activity: September 22, 2008


Today in song-time the kids enjoyed the songs "Walk and stop" and "John Browns baby had a cold upon his chest".

In Toddler time I read the story "Thats what a friend is" and then we had snack time where the conversation flowed naturally and H.W. told me she had vomited on the weekend and how her father went to buy some rice in his "big car".

T.S. suddenly has started to sing in class and was singing the "Baby Beluga" song.

After snack we looked at the alphabet and first letter alphabet vocabulary, then I got the kids to do a upper case letter recognition activity. Most of the kids could match the plastic letter to the one on the flashcard with the exception of the very young ones.

After lunch the kids played with playdough and pretended to make food with it. Next was storytime and we enjoyed a new story called "How many Bugs in a box?" which is a great counting book.
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-09-22 17:27 | YPK