Sleep well, Learn well: August 28, 2008


Well, we've survived the first two weeks back at school.

The kids have been very tired - it's hard getting back onto a regular school day schedule after a vacation, but we hope the children are getting to bed before ten on school nights.

We teachers notice a BIG difference in how well the kids can listen and learn, depending on whether they had enough sleep or not.

Thursday, we started out with songs as usual.

Jeana's friend, Kyoko, visited again and helped the teachers with tagging the library books with colored tape. From next week, the kinders will be taking turn being library helper, so one kinder each day will be responsible for cleaning up the books after lunch during "clean up song"!

We also worked on birthday cards AND practiced for the Sports Day. The kids were pretty tired after the LONG practice we had on Wednesday at the gym. They behaved VERY WELL at the gym on Wednesday, and the teachers were very proud of them all.

Toddlers read stories with Jeana while Tim and Julian led the sports day practice.

At table, Julian has been working on counting and I have been working on writing numbers.

Rompers also did a lot of sound / letter review for A to L. All the kids are showing progress.

And we worked on birthday cards. We have 7 birthdays this month, so making cards took a big chunk of time, but the kids really enjoy drawing pictures for their friends.

Finally, the kids went crazy at 2 pm when a big STORM began. Julian gathered the kids together for a *scarey* story while we waiting for the moms.
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-08-28 19:16 | YPK