Happy Birthday!! 7月お誕生会: July 28, 2008


The kids started off with some songs like "I have a Joy" and "Mr Sun".

Next it was Toddler time and the Toddlers had some more songs like the "Rainbow song" and the "R-E-D spells RED" song which they really enjoy.

Next they had a story called "Quiet and Loud" and then it was time for snack and today we celebrated N.Y. and U.W.'s birthdays.

After snack the Toddlers ventured outside and played with water and the jump ropes.

Then it was back inside and time to listen to a story called "The Three Little Pigs".

Next it was lunch time and after lunch the Toddlers played with the playdough and cutters/rollers/shapers.

Before going home the Toddlers had a story called "No David" which is about a very naughty little boy who can never do anything right. They love this story.
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-07-28 16:38 | YPK