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b0137410_8585575.jpgToday, the kids were in a great mood. Tim and Jeana started out the day with songs and dancing.

Then the Toddlers had a story with Tim, while Lynette and Jeana did calendar and weather report with the Rompers and Kinders. The group is learning how to present a weather report. We will rehearse with one child in the morning before circle time, and then they will get to present the weather. The basic script goes like this...

"Good morning, everyone. This is (name) with the weather report.
Today is (date).
Today is (weather - i.e. sunny, rainy, partly cloudy).
Tomorrow will be (weather of their choice). *"

(*The kinders prefer a silly version of the last line.
They say something like "Tomorrow it will rain spaghetti." or "Tomorrow it will rain boogers!" Hey, they are in kindergarten after all. And actually, I am quite proud that the students of Y's Preschool can joke around like that in English! Pretty good, don't you think?")

After snack, the Toddlers worked on their Old McDonald coloring books, and the Rompers and Kinders worked on their letter "G" worksheets. We made really cute GOLDFISH in a bowl.

I see improvement in the kids' writing every week. Even our newest students are tackling the letters with gusto these days. And they enjoy the crafts so.

We also had the kids work in small groups - some of the kids were watching a DVD while they waited their turn at the craft table. They were well behaved and enjoyed the change in routine.

After their worksheets, the kids finished up their presents for Daddy (Sunday being Father's Day and all). Last month the kids drew a portrait of their mothers and we made a craft frame. So, this month we had the kids draw their fathers and made a matching picture. So, now they have the SET to hang on the wall at home.

Yeah! It's amazing to me that a four or five year old can accurately capture the essence of their father's faces in a crayon drawing. I wish I had something like that from my son when he was that age...

After lunch, we played with blocks or read books (choice) and then we had final Virtues and Manners class. We talked a little about the classroom rules - mainly be nice to eachother. I told the kids how much I appreciated their good behavior lately - they really line up well, and listen better at the tables.

And we talked about "Helping" in school and at home. I read "I CAN HELP" to the class and we discussed how they help at home. Many of the kids said they help make their beds or take care of younger siblings. A few say that they help with cooking. And clean up their toys. (Well, I should hope so.)

We had a vote to see if the kids wanted to separate the milk and lunch helpers, and A.S. and R.I. gave the pros and cons. (The Pros won!) One of the kids even suggested each kid get their own milk, but they (the kids, themselves) decided it was a bad idea to have too many people running aroud at milk time. I was really proud of them.

R.I. suggested that we also have a paper helper, and we all agreed to think about other helpers we might need in the future. We are working on getting the kids to sit still and listen to eachother in circle time, and also how to discuss and problem solve.

I was really proud of the Kinders today - they did a great job. And the Rompers did a good job of listening to their friends and voting.
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