G-R-E-E-N in the "BINGO" tune: June 2, 2008


b0137410_16263713.jpgToday the kids enjoyed "Head and Shoulders" and the "Teddy Bear" song. N.Y. was singing the "Teddy Bear" song all through the morning.

Later in Toddler time the Toddlers enjoyed the song by the Wiggles called, "Can you point your finger and do the twist?.

Next they enjoyed the story, "Hoot, Howl and Hiss" and "Spot goes to the Beach". The Toddlers also sang a new song called G-R-E-E-N in the "BINGO" tune which they seemed to enjoy.

b0137410_16265697.jpgThis months themes are Green, Squares, and Farm animals and the Toddlers enjoyed the story "Rock-a-Bye Farm".

They then had fun learning alphabet vocabulary.

After lunch the Toddlers tried their hand at tracing/drawing lines. The older Toddlers could do this, but the younger ones just had fun colouring.

Next they had a shape matching activity and then sat down and listened to a story called "Are you afraid of the Bear?".
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-06-02 21:08 | YPK