The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story: May 19, 2008


b0137410_23404088.jpgToday the kids enjoyed the song "I have a joy" in song-time, which they love a lot.

In Toddler time we sang some extra songs like "Eentsy Weency spider".

They then sat down and enjoyed the story "Wheres Spot?"

Later after snack time we had the "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story" which we have been doing on the whiteboard, and they are really curious about the story and what happens to the Caterpillar.

We also did "E" vocabulary, Egg, Elevator, Exit, and Elephant, and after lunch we started a "Hungry Caterpillar " colouring book and the Toddlers just love a chance to colour!
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-05-19 19:55 | YPK