Running race in the Play Yard: May 12, 2008


b0137410_9383734.jpgToday in song time, the kids enjoyed the song "I have a joy" and "Now Tall, Now Small".

Then in Toddler time the kids enjoyed more songs like "Sally the Camel" and the "Peanut Butter" song by Barney and also I asked them "Hows the weather?".

The Toddlers then studied "D" vocabulary and also "Fruits" vocabulary and then had a story called "Scoop" from the Bob the Builder series of books.

We went outside and attempted to do a short obstacle course and then had a running race. H.W. was the fastest runner in the race.

Later in craft time the kids continued with the shaping of the alphabet letters from soft clay. R.O. and A.M. did a great job of following instructions from the teacher.

Todays home time story was the "Lunchbox surprise".
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-05-12 17:04 | YPK