"Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?": May 1, 2008


b0137410_19154751.jpgToday in circle time, we broke into 3 groups and played "Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar" for "Letter C" Week. Tim played with the Toddlers, Jeana played with the Rompers and Lynette played with the Kinders.

It starts with the teacher:

Teacher: Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?
All Students: REPEAT
Teacher: (Student 1's name) took the cookies from the cookie jar!
All Students: REPEAT
S1: Who me?
All: Yes, YOU!
S1: Not me!
All: Then WHO?
S1: (Student 2's name) took the cookies from the cookie jar!
S2: Who me?
ALL: Yes, You!
S2: Not me!
ALL: Then who?
S2: (Student 3's name) took the cookies......... and so on, and so on.......

The kids, even the Toddlers, really enjoy getting into the rythmn and anticipating their turn, although some of the Toddlers were too serious and really thought we were angry at them.

It took a while for them to understand it was just a game.

After circle, the Toddlers played outside in the new play yard (thank you, Kimie and Satoshi, for the fence and new play space - we love it!), while the Rompers and Kinders did their C Worksheets where we made a caterpillar with circles.

They did a great job sitting and following directions today.

After Table Time, the Rompers and Kinders went outside with Tim and Lynette while Jeana played circle games with the Toddlers.

After lunch, the kids played until Japanese Language Arts time.

Yuko read a story "Where the Wild Things Are" in Japanese, and played a fingerplay. And we talked a little more about Children's Day and sang the Koinobori Song in English and Japanese.
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