"Let's All Go to the Park": April 17, 2008


b0137410_972058.jpgOn Thursday, April 17th, Ms Lynette visited our school and helped Jeana for the morning.

In songtime Tim led us in songs like "Everybody Jump", "I Have a Joy", "The Bluegrass Band", and "Head Shoulders Knees Clap", and ended with "Open and Shut Them".

In our Rompers/Kinders circle, we did the "Three Bears Chant" for Lynette. The kids did a great job acting like the Papa, Mama, and Baby Bears.

We also practiced our new song of the week "Let's All Go to the Park". This is a Japanese children's song called "Koen ni ikimasyou". Do you know it? Jeana translated it into English like this....

Let's all go.
to the (a) PARK.
Let's all go to the PARK.
When we get there,
we will (b) EAT OUR LUNCH.
And we'll all have lots and lots of fun.
1, 2, 3.

We talked about making variations of the song, like "Let's all go to the Pool" or "Let's all go to the Zoo" and tried the think of new ways to sing the song.

You change the first CAPS part (a) to a new place, and the (b) part to a new activity. For example (a) ZOO (b) SEE THE ANIMALS, (a) POOL (b) SWIM AND PLAY.

What variations can you come up with, with your child?

After milk, we had table time together. We drew pictures of something we saw or did on our field trip Wednesday.

The older kids did very good at the assignment, but the Rompers generally wanted to draw robots and cars and explosions and monsters.

Oh, well....... The Rompers 1 group also did a tracing worksheet (working on their writing skills) and the R 2's and K's did a "Find the Hidden Ladybugs" worksheet and practiced writing their numbers to 10.

After lunch, Yuko led the whole school for Japanese Language Arts. We did a Japanese children's fingerplay "Ooki na Hatake" all together, and we talked about classroom behavior a little.

In group time, we expect the children to sit quietly with their hands in their laps, and look directly at the teacher's face when the teacher is talking. They also should raise their hands when they want to speak, and listen when another child is talking (by looking at the talking child's face).

We ask the kids to concentrate this way for only 10 or 15 minutes at a time, which is very reasonable for the Rompers and Kinders. Still, even many of the older children have trouble focusing on the teacher for more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Please encourage your child GENTLY to sit quietly and show the teacher he/she is listening by looking AT the teacher's face!

In general, the small groups rotation schedule we started last week is working very well. The smaller groups allow us to give each child more individual help, and each child gets more opportunity to talk.

Thanks to the Moms for the patience while we implement the new schedule.
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