Busy for making birthday cards: March 11, 2009


We had a busy, but fun day today.

The day started off with kinders learning Japanese with Yuko, while everyone else was singing and dancing.

After milk and snack time, the kinders had math with Luciano.

The galaxies were busy making birthday cards for all the birthday people this month while the rockets practiced writing Z and phonics in their workbooks.

The moons liked singing fingerplays like `Where is thumbkin?`or Five little Ducks and know all the words and actions.

The stars had fun with Tomoko and Hannah singing Japanese songs.

Before lunch time, the kinders enjoyed practicing the songs for graduation with Yuko and Luciano.

The galaxies and rockets had fun playing Go Fish and Uno. The moons and stars enjoyed coloring, cutting and pasting nice pictures to make pretty birthday cards for the birthday people this month.

Because it snowed during lunch time a lot of kids got really excited. So after lunch the galaxies and rockets went outside as it had stopped snowing and had fun playing soccer, skipping and other physical activities. The moons sat down for a story about `What I want to be when I grow up`.

They enjoyed looking at the pictures and talking about being a singer, a musician, a dancer, a baker and many other jobs. The stars had fun with Hannah playing with puzzle cards and learning which animal pieces go together to make a horse or a pig etc.

Before it was time to sing goodbye to everyone, the galaxies did some craft with Yuko to make a gift for the kinders who will be graduating soon. The kinders and rockets worked hard to make nice birthday cards, while the moons had fun doing some puzzles and reading another story. The stars sang some songs and had a story with Hannah.

Then it was time to say goodbye and go home.
by yspreschool2008 | 2009-03-11 18:35 | YPK