Playing "How are you? ball": January 22, 2009


In the morning circle, we sang the Hello Song, and then we broke into small groups so we could play a conversation game.

We practiced saying "good morning" and "how are you" while rolling a ball between two people to help the kids understand that they should return the question (like the ball) to have a good conversation. Even the Toddlers enjoyed playing "How are you? ball".

From this week, we have been breaking up into small groups for many activities. Our small group names are STARS, MOONS, ROCKETS, and GALAXIES.

In small group time #1 (after milk/snack) the STARS had Japanese story and fingerplay time with Mrs. Matsui. The MOONS read "HELLO SNOW" and played ABC Games with Miss Carol, while the ROCKETS played ABC Karuta and GO FISH with Miss Lynette. The GALAXIES read "The Mitten" with Jeana and learned about OPPOSITES like (full / empty), (tight / loose), (crowded / not crowded), (cold / hot). We played an opposites guessing game - and the children got ALL the opposites without any trouble at all.

In small group time #2 (11 to 11:30), the STARS had a story (Brown Bear) and sang songs with Miss Becky, while the MOONS and ROCKETS had JAPANESE and MANNERS class with Miss Yuko and Jeana. We sang ONI NO PANTSU and CABIN IN THE WOODS (Japanese), and then we talked about how to behave during class. Miss Kimie had MANNERS class with the GALAXIES and talked about being PATIENT and TAKING TURNS, and how to behave during class.

After lunch, Miss Tomoko and Jeana talked to the kids about how to properly maintain their cubicles and backpacks. We had an "inspection" and the Toddlers were, by far, the best! Good for you Toddlers! We will keep working on this skill all year.

Then the STARS and MOONS and ROCKETS got together for some fun. They played tumbling and jumping and sang songs with Miss Becky and Miss Carol, while the GALAXIES played short vowel BINGO with Miss Jeana. Before closing circle we all got together and played MUSICAL CHAIRS and did the CHICKEN DANCE and BUNNY HOP.

The closing story was "See You Later Alligator."
by yspreschool2008 | 2009-01-22 21:00 | YPK