First day back to school: January 8, 2009


Today was our first day back to school after winter vacation.

Over winter vacation the Yamamotos reorganized the classrooms and teaching areas, so it was very exciting for the kids (and teachers).

We let the kids play longer than usual in the morning before circle time, after milk, and after lunch, since there were so many new and exciting toys to play with.

We wanted to give the kids time to explore the new areas and toys. The teachers also had to get used to the new floor plan and decide how we are going to use the space in the most effective way possible.

In any case, at morning circle we sang some of our Christmas songs to review what we had learned last month. The kids enjoyed singing "MUST BE SANTA" and "12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS" again.

We also sang "Where is Thumpkin?" and learned a new version where two children stand up and sing the song to eachother. Then we had a tour of the new floor plan and a discussion about the proper use of the toys and materials.

We reviewed the rules of behavior in the classroom, and shared notes about what we did during winter vacation. Then the Toddlers and Romper 1's went outside to play, while the Romper 2's and Kinders played a "Dress the Snowman Game".

In the afternoon, the Toddlers and Romper 1's had chance to play the snowman game, while the Kinders and Romper 2's went outside.

And finally the Romper 2's and Kinders also had a group write/think about Winter - we thought of winter words and spelled them out together on the board, and then did a winter words wordsearch and worksheet (and learned the rule about /r/ at th end of a word is spelled "-er".

Stories today were "HELLO SNOW" and "WINTER FUN" (Jeana original big book)
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