Are We Ready for the Open School Day?: December 11, 2008


Since the next day was the Open School Day, we used our morning circle to practice for the mini-concert. The children all sat in chairs and took turns coming up "on stage" and performing their pieces.

After Snack/Milk Lynette and the Kinders played with the plastic Nativity set I brought in while I practiced more with Carol and the Toddlers.

Since so many of the songs we sing at Christmas talk about Mary and the Baby Jesus, we thought the children should know more about the story.

We also made goodbye cards for Julian.

After lunch, the Rompers got to play with the set while I made masks with the Kinders for their Friendly Beasts song/presentation. And then we got together again from 1 pm to have another rehearsal for the show tomorrow.

The closing story was the Gingerbread Man. The kids enjoyed reminiscing about the play they did last year for the Winter concert. They remembered many of their lines - especially N.S. and R.I.
by yspreschool2008 | 2008-12-11 21:28 | YPK